How does defogging work?


The Fog Fix Defogging happens onsite and we leave the glass in the frame. There is no dust or mess inside your home. Our technicians repair 95% of windows from the exterior. The repair requires the installation of a membrane on the exterior of the glass over a tiny hole. The Fog Fix positions this membrane in discrete corners of the window. The result is a clear window.

Thermal Pumping

The thermal pane window behaves like a miniature greenhouse. Dry air between the glass expands and contracts with the weather and sunlight. This pumps air in and out of your windows. Contrary to popular belief, window seals are semi-permeable, not hermetic. Manufactures install water absorbing pellets in the outside rim or spacer bar. These pellets in the spacer bar prevent moisture from entering the airspace. After time these pellets become saturated. When the pellets become saturated water starts showing up between the glass.

Windows bow inwards while cooling off.

You may have seen silica gel in your shoes!


When is the best time?

The defogging process is a permanent solution to the fogging problem. The sooner we repair your window, the better the results. The moisture will leave permanent stains after time. All glazed, non-tempered windows can have the moisture removed. If the window fog persists for a long time, deposits may have formed on the inside glass surfaces. If mineral deposits will bake on to the inside surface of the glass. We can still dry out the window but those stains will remain.

How do you do it?

How does The Fog Fix restore windows? Our technician inspects each piece of glass. The tech advises each customer of the condition and expected results after restoration. All service work happens on premise, with little disruption. Our technician arrives equipped with specialized tools and equipment. Glass units are most often serviced from the outside of your home. We install two to four tiny holes in the corners of the outside glass, then cover them with membranes. We use a high speed, lubricated diamond drill. All service work occurs through these holes.

Proven technology

Our proprietary membrane allows the air pressure and humidity to equalize. This prevents further moisture accumulation. Defogging is the proven solution to moisture between panes of glass and has been for many years. The restoration process is a modern adaptation of proven technology. Defogging is the permanent solution to the problem of failed insulating glass units.

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