One weird trick to tell if your window seal is broken.

You think you’ve seen the fog, but you’re not quite sure. Do you wait until winter again? You don’t have to actually. All you need is elbow grease and a small piece of ice.

Apply the ice cube to the window

Hold a rag under the ice to catch the melt-off and rub the ice cube in a small circle directly on the glass. This will drop the dew point of the area where you are rubbing ice. Some people might even invert a can of air and spray that on the window for 5 seconds.

Try to wipe away the moisture

window with extensive silica staining

Next, try to wipe away the moisture. If you can, there is still life in your window’s spacer bars. BUT! If the moisture remains on the inside pane, your seal has “failed” and you need The Fog Fix! Leave the window for too long and it will look like the above window permanently.

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