How does window defogging work?

Step 1: Tiny holes

We grind two tiny holes in two or more corners of your window. This allows us to gain access to the airspace with minimal interruption to you. Don’t worry, the holes are very small. Most of our clients don’t know they’re there until we point them out.

Step 2: Fog-off

Our technicians enter the air space through the tiny holes and coat the glass with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. We pump the cleaning solution out of the air space. This causes an immediate improvement in the clarity of the window. In some cases we will introduce new desiccant to the air space.

Step 3: Dry Time

Remember spacer bars? They have to dry out now. We install a synthetic mesh in the holes to let moisture in the spacer bar escape rapidly. Fog will appear less and less each week until the window is dry. If there is a Chinook, the pressure and dry air draws even more moisture out! Isn’t Calgary great?

Clear Window Peace of Mind

Our lifetime warranty ensures that you will not have to worry about your view fogging up again. Defogging restores insulative R-value. The process restores the value and curb appeal of your home. With our defogging process, your peace of mind is restored!

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