The R Value of Steam

U-values measure the effectiveness of a material as an insulator in buildings. Solar panels use heat energy from the Sun to provide hot water or to heat buildings. The specific heat capacity of a substance allows us to calculate the amount of energy needed to heat it up.

What does this mean to you, the home owner? Well quite a bit.

U Values.
A dry window has a U value of about .30 maybe lower. Steam has one of the highest U values apart from metal beating out even some molten metals. Steam is very efficient at transferring energy, directly into and out of your house. When your windows are foggy you’re taking on and/or losing more heat than you need to, even with a low-e window!

Your window goes from a U value of .30 to slightly better than a single pane window at 1.22. The R value is < 1.

How do you fix it?

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