Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thank you for choosing The Fog Fix solution. The Fog Fix is pleased to offer the following Limited Lifetime Warranty on all residential and commercial defogging services. The warranty begins immediately upon completion of The Fog Fix service and receipt of payment and is transferable to all owners of the home. All claims must be made in writing or via email to The Fog Fix within 30 days. The warranty covers against the accumulation of moisture. It is common for windows to re-fog temporarily with fluctuations of temperature until the desiccant within the spacer is completely dry.

Factors affecting the drying of a window are as follows:

  • Type of window i.e. triple pane windows can hold more moisture than dual pane.
  • Stage the window is at prior to the defogging treatment
  • Orientation on building
  • Poor ventilation i.e. window shadowed by tree/bush, seal blockage, cladding
  • Humidity level
  • Time of year treatment is completed.

This warranty does not cover any damage or defect due to misuse, abuse or accident including but not limited to:

1. Unauthorized modifications including use of heat source on treated window ie: hairdryer, heat gun
2. Damage caused by chemicals, salt, acid rain, airborne pollutants or application of corrosive substances
3. Stains, etching or pitting on glass caused by existing mineral deposits +/or desiccant
4. Seepage due to improper caulking or faulty trim including but not limited to improper maintenance of paint
5. Fire, flood, acts of nature or other contingencies beyond the control of All About Windows including shifting of building.


  • If a window breaks during our services, the cost and procurement of window replacement is the responsibility of the customer, but the customer shall not be responsible for the cost of the defogging service.
  • The Fog Fix will advise customers as to the realistic expectation that they should have regarding the result of having their windows defogged. The Fog Fix cleaning solutions can rid windows of some stains but residual may remain.
    Up to 80% of the cost of treatment (minus tax) will be applied toward replacement by The Fog Fix affiliate.

After The Fog Fix

One of The Fog Fix’s certified technicians has just re-engineered your window. The visible moisture was only part of the problem. Our system will now allow the desiccant under the spacer to release the moisture held within. It is common for windows to re-fog intermittently while the desiccant is releasing residual moisture. N.B. This may show as frost in the winter. This is a natural part of the drying process. The membrane will allow any residual moisture to be expelled in the form of vapor.

Stage 1 – Fog comes and goes
Stage 2 – Fog persists
Stage 3 – Fog gets thicker and droplets form
Stage 4 – Droplets run down glass and begin to leave mineral deposits
Stage 5 – Glass has thick dry water stains and spacer may have deteriorated.